10 Traditional Bhutan Famous Food

Bhutan Famous Food

Bhutan is counted as unusual destinations to visit. Bhutan has a distinct mix of culture and modernity. The country has worked hard to maintain its traditional beauty.

The easiest way to get to Bhutan is by plane and Singapore to Bhutan flight is one of the most regular flight.

A trip to Bhutan would be incomplete if you did not try Bhutanese cuisine. There are various Bhutan recommended tour operators who offer the best deals.

Bhutanese people are particularly fond of a spice that appears prominently in a variety of their dishes.

Bhutanese food Bhutanese foods are served in wooden bowls and eaten with fingers to build a bond with the food and to feel its texture.

Here are the top ten authentic Bhutanese delicacies you can try.

  • Shakam Ema Datshi

You will consume a great deal of spice and cheese while in Bhutan.

However, if one wants to exclude cheese from their diet, this is definitely the right food for them. Datshi is a Bhutanese dish made without cheese.

Furthermore, Datshi is the first phrase you can understand in Dzongkha.

In Bhutanese cooking, Shakam is a kind of dried beef. Beef is Bhutan’s most common meat due to its high protein content. The beef has been processed and frozen, giving it a flavour similar to beef jerky.

  • Shamu Datshi

One of the most personal favourites of Bhutanese staple diets is Shamu Datshi due to its incredible flavour.

This Bhutanese food item is prepared with mushrooms and cheese, making it a flavour you can’t afford to ignore.

Shamu Datshi contains a variety of cheese, as well as vegetables and mushrooms.

They’re all baked in a cheesy, buttery stew that has a wonderful aroma.

If you like spicy foods, this is an excellent pick for Bhutanese cuisine.

  • Kewa Datshi

Kewa Datshi, a popular Bhutanese dish is consisting of cheese and potatoes. Potatoes are also known as kewa in Bhutan.

Bhutanese cheese and potatoes are used to make this Bhutanese delicacy. The potatoes are cut into small pieces and sautéed with plenty of butter and cheese.

On special occasions, a few bits of chilli are thrown in the pan if the dish is supposed to be spicy. Usually, this dish is a lightly flavoured traditional Bhutanese dish that focuses on potatoes and cheese.

  • Ema Datshi

Ema Datshi is one of the popular among all traditional Bhutanese food dishes, which is also named Ema Datse. It is made up of yellow, green or red chillies, cow or yak’s milk cheese, tomatoes and onions. Ema Datse is a veg dish eaten by every Bhutanese people and can be found throughout the nation. This dish has been described as Ema means chilli, and Datsi means cheese. By adding tomatoes, onions, green beans, mushrooms, potatoes, ferns, cheese made from yak and chilli, variations can be brought in to this dish, which is known as Kewa-datsi and Shamu-datsi. Red rice is used as an accompaniment with Ema Datshi.

  • Shakam Shukam Datshi

This dish is another variation of Ema Datshi that is prepared using dried beef. You won’t find this dish at too many restaurants in Bhutan, but a local restaurant in Thimphu serves it. Shukam is Bhutanese dried white chillies that are used in combination with dried beef and Cheese. White chillies ad an incredible sour spice to this dish. Shakam Datshi dish is served with red rice.

  • Gondo Datshi

This food dish is authentic Bhutanese cuisine. In this dish, you will find more delectable scrambled eggs. It is a highly desirable dish that you must try while on your Bhutan trip.

In this dish, scrambled eggs are combined with authentic cheese and butter in huge amount. To give it a fiery flavour, a small amount of dried Chile is also added. The aroma and flavour of scrambled eggs taste like they came direct from heaven.

To enhance the flavour, serve this Bhutanese dish with red rice and chilli sauce. This dish provides you taste that you will recall.

  • Shakam Paa

This dish is a delectable Bhutanese dish consisting of some dried beef cooked in combination with dried chillies and, on occasion, radish slices. It is a high-protein food that gives you a burst of energy.

Meat has been dried and frozen. You will get an amazing taste that will take your breath away.  This dish is made with some dried beef that has been tossed with chillies and radish slices, giving it a distinct flavour that one must try.

  • Phaksha Paa

Phaksha Paa is a curry with meaty or gravy stew. Phaksha Paa is prepared with pork slices that are stir-fried in combination with dry red chillies, Bok Choy and ginger. Sometimes mountain vegetables, spinach and radishes are also mixed in Phaksha Paa.

Phaksha Paa dish is accompanied by Datshi dishes and red rice. If you like a slice of pork, you must try the delicious Bhutanese pork recipe.

  • Sikam Paa

If you like bacon, you’ll love this Bhutanese dish recipe. This dish is the highest amount of bacon in that which you can pursue. It is one of the most amazing bacon dishes you will ever find.

Sikam is dried pork that the Bhutanese hold out in the sun to dry. Later, the dried pork bellies are fried with chillies, which adds a delicious flavour.

This dish is an oily dish that is not preferred by health-conscious people, but if one can put your conscience aside for that day, one can have a wonderful experience after tasting this.

  • Yaksha Shakam

If you’re looking for a healthier option of dried beef, this is the perfect dish for you. The dish is prepared with dried meat of yak, which has a similar flavour to beef but a distinct scent. This dish is high in protein, giving it the right balance of flavour.

Jerky is made from yak meat and can be processed in a number of ways. Dried meat of yak is cooked with fermented cheese of yak. This dish is one of the best Bhutanese yak recipes. It is one of the most delicious yak recipes one can ever taste, and visitor must try during their visit to Bhutan.