5 Trendy Women Jeans For 2020

Women Jeans

Style statements change every year, every minute. So you have to get updated all the time. Once, in the 90s, girls used to wear flattering jeans then faded jeans are trending. After those ripped jeans were a style then, it was costly too. Through the whole year of 2012 to 18, skinny jeans were the basic thing for a wardrobe. But the New Year starts with a new fashion trend. In the 20s, everyone’s favourite is denim now. You will just have to follow some important fashion tips. We are presenting a list of some trendy jeans in 2020. Follow the criteria and be the most unique style icon.

The comfortable skinny jeans

The straight leg jeans mainly come under skinny jeans. This is for those girls who do not want to lay their favourite skinny jeans. If you are slim or curvy, this will stick to your legs and give a proper shape to your hip and thighs. It has long legs but not exactly the skinny means because it does not have a faded ankle. Like the skinny jeans, this does not fit exactly and sticks to the bums and thighs. It just falls properly over your lower area that looks so classy.

On the straight leg jeans, you can find some frayed rims. It looks very cute, and it gives an edgy detail, and in any type of top, you can wear it. And it is very much comfortable to wear. Like skinny jeans, it is very easy to wear and creates a trendy and chic look.

You can also wear a button-up jacket with your jeans and a stiletto or sneakers, and then you can use a gorgeous belt. If you like to be very stylish, then wear your jeans with deep black boots and have an oversized blazer with a pair of sunglasses and some light makeup, including red matte lipstick. There you go! Just ready for a party to rock or a date to impress.

Loose jeans with a tapered ankle

The loose fitted jeans are called the sweatpants. You can also call them, ‘daddy jeans,’ ‘grandpa jeans’. This 2020, these trendy jeans are classic. These are very loose but have a tapered ankle to create a new shape. The full shape of the pants is that it does not have any shape. It just only comes down with some proportion. The buttons are also very loose, so your top should be tighter to maintain the whole look.

A very tight fitting sweater or turtle-neck top will look casual and very cute. With that, you can easily have some sneakers. If you want some edgier look, then have your loose fitted jeans with a bodysuit or crop top just add a belt to cover your waist, and you can also hand embroidery some details into these jeans. Or else if you love some easy details then you can try this when you go for an outing or somewhere you will have to walk so much. This is the most trending jeans in 2020. So by now! And add this to your wardrobe.

The Jeans with slight flares

These trendy kick flare jeans are common to the flare jeans. It is the beginner’s phase. If you love denim’s trend, but you cannot be sure to pull it off, then you can easily buy a pair of kicks flare jeans. It is the perfect jeans for you. These jeans are all over skinny through the whole leg, and then flares come out a little bit portion of the ankle. Kick-flare denim is not at all a very dramatic style. This type of jeans is very trendy and easy to style, so make it your favourite pair of jeans, because these jeans are sexy, casual and made for streetwear. Just have some tight fitted top or stylish t-shirt contrasting the colour with this Denim. Instead of sneakers, you can wear long heels and a high ponytail to complement this look.

The jeans with wide flares

No more following the same trend. This is the time to try something unique. If you are bold enough to style yourself, then definitely try these jeans. If these flare jeans are very new to your wardrobe then at first try the flared jeans in black colour. Do not try other colours. Be comfortable and confident with black first. Do not try this with your sneakers. Try high heels and some Mules.

These wide-legged flare jeans come thin from the waist to knee then it adds a-line shape. This is very bold. This design may not be suitable for cute and bubbly girls. This is experimental and comes with a sexy and chic style.

Jeans designed with embroidery works

The old fashion is also recreated with some creative ideas. Embroidery ideas and painted jeans are the trends now. Some are appreciating, and some like the old type of basic designed jeans. Ripped jeans are also in the market till now. Are you thinking that jeans can fit well with your curvy figure or your short height or not? Then the answer is yes. Of course, your skin colour, body shape, height, everything is just perfectly suitable to wear jeans or any dress. If you have old jeans and you are wearing that for a long time, then you can do something creative with it. Just have some fabric and have some ideas from YouTube and there you go! Make your jeans like a new one and impress your friends with it.

Jeans fashion trend this 2020 is so rich. You have new styles that you can try on. You can mix and match it with your ideal tops. And you can complete your look by adding some accessories. Invest in jeans that are highly comfortable and usable. Style it accordingly and enjoy wearing it.  There are lots of options online; you can choose these trendy jeans at online fashion stores like Yishion SG .