What are the Components Included in the Maid Insurance?

Maid Insurance Promotion

When you want to employ a domestic helper, the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore has set out a few mandatory criteria. As a domestic assistant employer, it is compulsory to buy a Singapore maid policy for your domestic assistant. Generally, it would contain personal injury coverage, Security Bond, and many more. In Singapore, maid insurance can provide comprehensive coverage to domestic helpers. If this is your first purchase of maid insurance and you want to be more aware of the coverage which a maid insurance promotion can offer, here are the three coverage areas that you should not overlook.

What One Should Look For

A decent insurance policy for midwives would have sufficient protection for medical costs, protection for repatriation costs, and reasonable cover for employer personal liability.

Medical Expenses

While nearly all insurers offer medical expense coverage, not all features and benefits are similar. If you want a package that provides coverage on a wide variety of medical services, you need to go for the HL Assurance that offers just that. In the case of medical expenses, a maid insurance plan should include,

  • Medical expenses for outpatients due to accident and injury
  • Hospital and medical costs up to the agreed limits should your domestic assistant suffer from an accident or illness requiring hospitalization. This hospital and surgical expense cover will include room and board expenses, hospital care costs (e.g. operating theatre usage), and medical treatment costs that are required and fair.
  • A package covering the Day Surgery expenses. Most plans also offer pre- and post-hospitalization treatment coverage for the same injury or illness within 90 days. Information and the cover amount can differ across insurers, so make sure you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the policy before you buy.

Dental Expenses Coverage

It is important to remember that most insurance policies do not cover regular dental testing and care expenses. And if your assistant wants dental work done, insurance does not cover the cost.

Wages Reimbursement

Some plans will pay you the wages of your foreign maid (including government fees) for the period of hospitalization, including the period of hospitalization leave if a claim for hospitalization and surgical expenses is paid. It is subject to a limit on the number of days.

Repatriation Expenses

It can be an expensive affair to send the domestic helper home in case she suffers from a permanent disability or illness. A policy that covers the costs of repatriation or the costs involved in the funeral or cremation of the domestic helper and the return of the body or ashes to their country of origin.

Personal Liability

If your helper is found to be criminally responsible for unintentionally harming someone or causing harm or loss to someone else’s property while performing her duties as a foreign maid in Singapore, the personal responsibility cover will pay the benefits. Maid insurance promotion cover will include legal defense fees, and claims for damages against your helper up to the policy limits specified.

Third-party Liability

Third-party liability usually provides protection against those expenses for the accidental bodily injury or third party injury or damage to the properties belonging to the third-party property, done by the domestic helper.

Options to End the Policy If It Does Not Work

In Singapore, you will usually earn a pro-rated portion of the paid insurance premiums back if you terminate your domestic helper’s services. If cancelation occurs within the first 60 days of being in force, you might get back 60 percent of the premium amount paid. This is typically subject to a minimum maintenance volume of the premium. Therefore, if the policy is canceled before the date of commencement, you will be subject to a minimum cancelation charge of $50.

What One Should Do Before Signing the Maid Insurance

Should not purchase a policy until you take the time to read the policy’s terms, laws, and regulations. You don’t want to sign up and pay for a policy that doesn’t satisfy your employer’s requirements. Procedures that are necessary to claim a maid insurance promotion are also different for each policy, so make sure that you are aware of the claim documentation you need to make a claim. The procedure for all insurers is different, so be sure to save all the essential documentation needed to prove the validity of the claim you’re trying to make.

Know the right strategy is all about the functionality you make the most of. If you want to keep it simple and general, you can select any of the policies that follow the Ministry of Manpower’s set requirements. Or else, you can simply choose the MoneyIQ which is a leading insurance firm that offers a high degree of insurance coverage or has features and benefits that function for you and your help.